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General Pricing

Looking to do a project with us by yourself or with a group?  We would love to help you bring out your creative side and guide you to complete your own project. Below you will find typical pricing for different designs you can make. Depending on number of people, project size, number of layers, amount of supplies needed, etc; pricing may vary.

Canvas Class

minimum 8 guests

Be guided step-by-step through painting your very own canvas masterpiece along with your group of friends!

$40 per guest

Canvas Class

Porch Signs

single or double-sided

Who doesn't love these by their front door?!  We have three different pricing options for these high-quality porch signs. Plus you get a discount for coming to a second class and designing the opposite side of your sign!

$48 stained

$50 painted

$65 framed


multiple customization options

These gorgeous wall clocks are perfect for customizing to the themes in your home. The mechanics are done for you, the painting and designing are all done by you! 

$75 per guest

Framed Signs

multiple sizes

Our wood signs are super popular, and the framing makes them have that beautiful finished look. For an extra $10 you can do a shadow design. 

$85  20"x48"

$65  16"x30"

$50  16"x16"

$45  15"

Door Rounds

seasonal and changeable

The door rounds we offer come in two sizes. For $10 you can add greenery and/or bows for additional detail.

$48  18"

$135 stained base
$155 painted base


boards and scoreboards

$60 scoreboard

Have your backyard ready for fun with these customized cornhole boards with the option of matching scoreboard! Additional stencil layers are $10 each. 

$80 hanging
planter stand

$50 simple
planter box

Planter Boxes

multiple styles

Bring some live plants to your porch décor. We have three different styles to choose from. Stained base is standard, add $5 for a painted base

$65 planter
porch sign 

Porch Signs
Door Rounds
Cornhole Boards
Framed Signs
Planter Boxes

Stove Covers

fully customizeable

Create additional counter space with these customized stove covers. So many design options!

$65 per guest

Stove Covers
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